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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation has awarded support to over 100 programs and projects so far in 2014. Grants and scholarships have totaled $10,079,445 as of yet, and reach around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Armenia – $58,000
    Armenian Catholics in Eastern Europe: installation of heating system & renovation of 3 suites in Armenian Catholic Ctr. in Kanaker-Yerevan
  • Armenia – $100,000 
    Clerics Regular of the Infirm: financial aid to guarantee the continuation of the Redemptoris Mater Hospital in Ashtosk
  • Czech Republic – $50,000 
    Diocese of Litomerice: provide basic needs for people of the Bohemia Region who were displaced because of flooding
  • Estonia – $70,000 
    Apostolic Administration of Estonia: subsidy for works in Estonia
  • Latvia – $50,000 
    Archdiocese of Riga: restructuring electrical system & finish replacement of roof at St. Mary Magdalene Church
  • Lithuania – $50,000 
    Diocese of Panevezys: construction of a convent for the Institute of Servants of the Lord & Virgin Matara
  • Lithuania – $60,000 
    Archdiocese of Kaunas: remodel former kindergarten bldg. into retreat-guest house at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery of Kaunas
  • Lithuania – $20,000 
    Archdiocese of Kaunas: develop activities of pastoral community "Stream of Mercy"
  • Lithuania – $13,500 
    Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Panevezys to provided transportation of children housed in orphanages to visit imprisoned mothers
  • Lithuania – $32,668 
    "Viltius Angelas" a children's day care center in Vilnius to aid single mothers by offering parenting skills, job search and developing working skills
  • Romania – $68,800 
    Eparchy of Maramures: construction of rectory for Greek Catholic Church of Viseu de Sus
  • Serbia – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of Belgrade: financial support for activities of Jubilee Year of 1700th Anniversary of Edict of Milan
  • Slovakia – $52,000 
    Archdiocese of Bratislava: translation of a book into 5 languages and production of a documentary on the work & life of Pavol Strauss, M.D.
  • Ukraine – $68,000 
    Archdiocese of Kyviv-Zhytomyr: 3rd Stage construction of convent for Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Berdychiv
  • Ukraine – $50,000 
    Muskachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy: construction of convent for Sisters of Order of St. Basil the Great of Blessed Trinity Prov. Uzhgorod
  • Ukraine – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of Lviv: complete restoration of Archbishop's residence and Curia building
  • Ukraine – $65,000 
    Archdiocese of Lviv: construction of a Homeless Shelter to serve the poor to be operated by Albertine Brothers Congregation


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The Middle East

  • Arabia – $100,000 
    Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia: build new cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Arabia in Bahrain
  • Lebanon, et al – $80,000 
    Pontifical Institute JPII:  expansion & development of academic programs on Marriage & the Family in Lebanon, Philippines, Zambia, & Korea

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  • Angola – $77,000 
    Diocese of Luanda: construction of four classrooms at the Colegio Santo Eugenio de Mazenrod
  • Angola – $115,000 
    Diocese of Caxito: complete construction & infrastructure of Our Lady of Assumption Church in Municipality of Cacuaco
  • Angola – $50,000 
    Diocese of Viana: complete infrastructure of Santa Josefina Bakhita Center at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish
  • Benin – $100,000 
    Cotonou Diocese: complete construction of house for formators of the Lay Association "Claire Amitie"
  • Brazzaville – $50,000 
    Adiocese of  Brazzaville: construction of classrooms & multipurpose auditorium at School of "Jésus Ressusciateé et de la Div. Miséricorde"
  • Brazzaville– $13,500 
    "Communauté Fondaico":  assist organization in education, catechesis & formation of young people as Christian leaders
  • Burundi– $40,000 
    Dioceses of Ruyigi & Rutana: construction of warehouse for conservation of agricultural products & seeds to improve profitability of small farmers
  • Burundi– $40,000 
    Diocese of Bujumbura: payment of salaries for staff members of the St. Françios d'Assise (anti-malaria) Centre
  • Burundi– $150,000 
    Rutana Diocese Major Seminary "Saint Charles Lwanga" in Kiryama
  • Cameroon– $50,000 
    Diocese of Douala: construction of diocesan  "Remptoris Mater" Seminary under care of the Neocatechumenal Way
  • Congo– $66,300 
    Episcopal Conference of Congo: on-going formation for Bishops in juridical and administrative proceedings & legal aspects of marriage
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo– $40,000 
    Diocese of Buta: for financial support for basic needs of Daughters of Mary Servant in Buta
  • Ethiopia– $96,000 
    Emdibir Diocese: construction of a primary school operated by the Order of the Imitation of Christ in Goru
  • Kenya– $132,000 
    Archdiocese of Nairobi: construction of a house & chapel for the Brothers of Saint Charles Lwanga at Kibera Center
  • Kenya– $42,000 
    Archdiocese of Nairobi: to make the last payment for construction of Queen of Angels Monastery for Benedictine Nuns of Kiambu
  • Kenya– $55,000 
    Archdiocese of Nairobi: completion of hostel for vulnerable girls in Langata operated by Little Sisters of St Francis
  • Malawi– $17,300 
    Archdiocese of Lilongwe: renovation of convent for Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi in Likuni Mission
  • Malawi– $22,600 
    Archdiocese of Lilongwe: strengthen security system & replace stolen equiptment at the Catholic Secretariat Offices of the Epis. Conference of Malawi
  • South Africa– $5,000 
    Diocese of Mariannhill: subsidize food cost & building maintenance of "Coolock" Retreat House for priests, seminarians & religious women
  • Tanzania– $34,500 
    Diocese of Singida: construction of church at the Lavigerie Shelui Parish
  • Tanzania– $163,000
    Diocese of Bukoba: construction of a Pilgrims' Hostel at the Shrine of Our Lady in Nyakijoga
  • Tanzania– $100,000
    Saint Egidio Community:  to support  the "DREAM" Program against AIDS and malnutrition in Tanzania
  • Togo– $75,000
    Archdiocese of Lomé: continue construction of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church in the Atchanve Village
  • Uganda– $36,500
    Archdiocese of Kampala: construction 2 classrooms Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka Memorial Primary School in Mpigi
  • Uganda– $17,000
    Diocese of Arua; completion of construction of presbytery at Christ the King Sub-parish in Nyadri
  • Uganda– $30,000
    Diocese of Arua: completion 1st phase of construction of the Holy Trinity Monastery for Srs. of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity
  • Uganda– $100,000
    Diocese of Jinja: expansion of Queen of Angels Philosophy Center, classrooms, hall & permanent chapel
  • Zambia– $54,000
    Archdiocese of Lusaka: construction  of a convent to accommodate elderly & infirmed Sisters of Sisters of the Holy Cross
  • Zimbabwe– $100,000
    Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer: to subsidize the formation of seminarians to continue to serve the poor in Africa


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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $63,700 
    Diocese of Cruz de Eje: remodeling of kitchen & dispensary  of the Abba Father Monastery for the Discalced Carmelite Nuns
  • Argentina – $125,000 
    Diocese of Viedma: construction of 4 bedrooms to accommodate new postulants in the Discalced Carmelite Monastery of Rio Negro
  • Argentina – $20,100 
    Archdiocese of Buenos Aires: provide training courses in evangelization for radio broadcasters of the Archdiocesan Center of Communication
  • Boliva – $94,500
    Archdiocese of La Paz: construction of chapel for Redemptoris Mater Seminary
  • Boliva – $110,000
    Archdiocese of La Paz: construction of 8 classrooms "Colegio Irene Nava del Castillo" for Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Mercy
  • Brazil – $28,000
    Prelature of Itaituba: construct a classroom & develop a leadership formation program for indigenous missionaries, Mission Sao Francisco Rio Cururu
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Diocese of Santa Catarina: restoration & expansion of the Santa Teresa Monastery of Discalsced Carmelite Nuns in Itajaí
  • Brazil – $133,000
    Prelature of Marajo: construction of a dispensary to provide basic health services at Saint Mary Parish in Bagre
  • Chile – $16,500
    Archdiocese of Santiago de Chile: aid to repair & restore chapel ceiling of Visitation of Mary Monastery damaged in 2010 earthquake
  • Colombia – $100,000
    Diocese of Girardota: expansion & remodeling of "El Tesoro" Retreat House for the elderly and infirmed Sisters of  Our Lady of Mercy
  • Colombia – $38,600
    Diocese of Soacha: development of a social program for the most vulnerable
  • Colombia – $54,000
    Diocese of Sonso-Rio Negro: completion of construction of chapel for elderly & infirm Sisters of "Siervas de Cristo Sacerdote" in La Ceja
  • Colombia – $50,000
    Diocese of Málaga Soatá: to complete the third phase of construction of the Monastery Santa Maria de Soata in Boyaca
  • Guatemala – $150,000
    Diocese of Jalapa: 2nd Phase of construction of a House of Formation for the Congregation of Sisters of Martha & Mary
  • Guatemala – $367,972
    "Hager Nuestro Senora de los Remedios" a home for abandoned girls sponsored by the Congregation of Martha and Mary in Jalapa
  • Guatemala – $129,389
    "Hager Nuestro Senora de los Remedios" a home for abandoned girls sponsored by the Congregation of Martha and Mary in Jalapa
  • Guatemala – $93,000
    Archdiocese of Guatamala: purchase of 60 computers for Girlstown & 60 for Boystown "Escuela Experimental" operated by Sisters of Mary
  • Honduras – $40,000
    Diocese of La Ceiba: initiate construction of Curial Office & Bishop's residence
  • Peru – $15,400
    Diocese of Chota: purchase of audio & visual equipment for "Radio Santa Monica"


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  • Bangladesh – $184,000 
    Chittagong Diocese: construction of a middle school at the Alikadam Shati Rani Parish, new Mission Center
  • Bangladesh – $275,000 
    Diocese of Mymensingh, construction of Notre Dame College in Mymensingh
  • Bangladesh – $100,000 
    Diocese of Sylhet: for the purchase of property to build the basic infrastructure of the new diocese
  • Bangladesh – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of Dhaka: restoration, renovation  and expansion of the Archbishop's residence
  • Greece – $100,000 
    Bishops' Conference of Greece: to provide financial aid to the entire Catholic Church in Greece which is in extreme economic crisis
  • India – $100,000 
    Diocese of Kohima: construction of a science building at Saint Joseph's College
  • India – $55,000 
    Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar: implementation of "Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Program"  in the Raika Deanery
  • India – $72,860
    Buxar Diocese: construction of  Buxar Diocesan Pastoral Center in civil district of Bihar
  • India – $58,600
    Archdiocese of Ganhinagar: to complete the last payment for the construction of the Archbishop's house in Pethapur
  • India – $50,000
    Archdiocese of Hyderabad: purchase equipment to convert available space into a production center for audio and video media
  • Kazakhstan – $60,000
    Archdiocese of Holy Mary in Astana: 1st phase of construction of convent for Saint Claire Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Pawlodar
  • Nepal – $100,000
    Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal: construction of church for Catholic Community of Saint Xavier Parish Maheshpur
  • Nepal – $82,000
    Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal: construction of Immaculate Conception Parish Church in Damak
  • Nepal – $144,500
    Apostolic Vicariate: to aid in the final payment on the construction of Curia-cum Bishop's residence in Kathmandu
  • Russia – $100,000
    Diocese of Saratov: construction of a parish church to be dedicated to Blessed John Paul II in Toliatti
  • Thailand – $100,000
    Diocese of Surat Thani: 1st phase of construction of a 4-story school operated by Daughters of Charity St. Vincent de Paul in Phattalung City


The Pacific

  • The Philippines – $80,500 
    Diocese of Borogan: for the production & dissemination of broadcast materials at the Borongan Catholic TV13 Diocesan Comm. Mass Media
  • The Philippines – $6,000 
    Diocese of Alaminos: care & treatment of an infirmed Sister at the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Monastery in Pagasinan
  • The Philippines – $100,000 
    Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan: complete construction of dormitory & infirmary at Monastery of Our Lady of Divine Providence, Benedictine Nuns


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  • Cuba – $ 100,000 
    Archdiocese of Havana: the development of the Padre Felix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies
  • Cuba – $ 82,500 
    Diocese of Holguin: construction of priests' residence in Saint John Bosco Parish in City of Las Tunas
  • Cuba – $ 100,000 
    Archdiocese of Camaguey: construction of "Monsignor Adolfo Rodriguez Herrera Home for the Elderly"
  • Haiti – $ 85,700 
    Archdiocese of Cap-Haitien: construction of rectory of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Carrefour des Péres
  • Haiti – $ 100,000 
    Caritas in Veritate International: to continue work of organization in Haiti & for formation of  "Jesus Youth" - young missionaries
  • Haiti – $ 100,000 
    Diocese of  Les Gonaives: construction of a secondary and technological school at St-Marc Parish
  • Haiti – $ 500,000 
    "Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos" home which provides healthcare and educational programs for children with special needs
  • Haiti – $ 100,000 
    Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles Scalabriani: construction of homes for displaced people

Europe and North America

  • Great Britain – $100,000 
    Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham: to address its needs & management
  • Italy – $20,000 
    Rome: repair of boiler to serve basic & medical needs of refugees in Italy from Croatia & Eastern European countries by Daughters of Mercy TOR St Francis
  • Portugal – $50,000 
    Diocese of Porto: conversion of Saint Joseph Seminary to a retreat house for religious, clergy & laity of the region
  • Portugal – $50,000 
    Diocese of Porto: conversion of Saint Joseph Seminary to a retreat house for religious, clergy & laity of the region
  • Rome – $100,000 
    Pontifical Institute John Paul II: subsidize chair, seminar courses, annual guest speakers, & other activities on Marriage & Family studies
  • Rome – $100,000 
    Pontifical Gregorian University: continue activities of the Center for Child Protection including further development of web-based "E-Learning"
  • Rome/ Jerusalem – $36,000 
    Pontifical Biblical Institute Rome: enhancement of computer system to integrate all services of Institute with the Library in Rome & in Jerusalem


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  • Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope – $300,000
    "robotize"  the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope
  • John XXIII International Cultural Institute – $100,000
    Renovation and fortification of buttresses along the Tiber River
  • Pontifical Council for Culture– $100,000
    Financial support of the Pontifical Academy of Latin
  • Paul VI International Scientific Institute– $100,000
    Advancement of scientific research  in the areas of birth regulation and human infertility
  • Pontifical Council for Christian Unity– $20,000
    Assistance to Eastern Orthodox students

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